Collaborative Stories for the Collective Imagination


Welcome to Switch-Lit.

We’re thrilled to meet you here – at the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the evolution of collaborative fiction as a catalytic structure for our time.

Our mission is universal: to manifest the collective imagination of an increasingly diverse generation of writers and storytellers around the world through the connective power of collaborative fiction and poetry.

We envision Switch-Lit as a dedicated public space in a remote corner of the Internet where the forces of your imagination can freely meet and play with other writers towards the creation of new worlds, unimaginable by a single mind.

As we open this universe and community to all, we hope that you, dear Reader, will become one of its first writers. How far and wide can you take a story worth sharing (and with whom)?

Where might it take all of us in the end?



  • Kenneth Chu,
    Portland, OR (USA)
    Executive Editor
  • Diana Ecker,
    Portland, OR (USA)
    Deputy Editor
  • Julia Bosson,
    Berlin (DE)
    Literary Advisor
  • Orion Rea,
    Morro Bay, CA (USA)
    Editorial Intern
  • Studio Airport,
    Utrecht (NL)
    Art Direction & Design
  • September Digital,
    Utrecht (NL)
    Web Development
  • Rob en Robin,
    Breda (NL)